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Ever gone to a company’s website, looked at the content, and thought, “…is this English?”

You read the homepage twice and still don’t know what they do. You have no idea what an “actualized gamification platform” is (I really saw this once). Soon you just click Back and go looking for another solution.

Don't let your readers do this to you! Hire me to write your content instead!

I'm Chris Williams. I create content "written in Human."

It's my way of saying, content written for easy human understanding. Like the content you're reading right now.

Over the past 10 years I've written everything from technical manuals to websites. Blog posts to white papers. UX copy to job postings.

And while I love the variety, I do have a few favorites.

My Copywriting Specialties

Case Studies -- One of my favorite ways to tell a business story! I'm particularly good at translating technical successes into reader-engaging stories.
Web Content Development -- High-Quality content using language & voice already familiar to your customers.
Email Newsletters/Marketing -- My newsletters have pulled in up to 65% open rates!
Blogging -- I've created & maintained blogs since 2011.
Documentation -- I've documented everything from cloud server setup procedures to defense technology maintenance.
Content Marketing & Strategy -- I help you build and stick to a content marketing plan. So you beat out all the competitors without a plan.

Are you from a tech company, startup, or other B2B business?

I'd love to talk with you about your next content marketing/strategy project. Please contact me using the form below.

(Your email address is never shared, sold, bartered for Girl Scout cookies or used as a fishing lure.)

About the "Blue Ferret"

Admit it, that got your attention.
What's a ferret got to do with content marketing?

Content Marketing is about telling stories. Stories about what you do. Stories about your customers.

How I came up with "Blue Ferret" is one such story.

When I started freelancing, I wanted a name people would remember. But one that would also stand out. Professional and memorable.

Research led me to "business colors" - how colors are perceived in business communications. Red, for instance, indicates passion, fast-paced action, and emergency. Blue on the other hand indicates professionalism and intellectualism.

The ferret part comes from two sources.

1. I support ferret legalization in California. Even wrote & edited some of their content.
2. Ever heard of a blue ferret before? Nope! It sticks in your head. Good example of engagement.

Now imagine how engaging the content I create for you will be.

On second thought, don't. Just contact me (form below) and let's both find out!


Samples from my 10-year work history

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