I write website content, case studies and email marketing copy for the tech sector.

What’s the most important part of any online marketing project?  The design’s important.  So is SEO.  But it’s the content that persuades readers to take action.  The content that establishes trust, invokes a reader’s emotions, and gives proof that you can fix your customer’s problems.

My content has:

  • Increased traffic from 300-500 page visits/month, to 2,000-3,000 page visits/month  (Website Content)
  • Led to a successful kidney donation, and the donor being featured by the National Kidney Foundation (Social Media Profile, SEO)
  • Been featured in CMS and Ecommerce Provider newsletters (Case Study, Website Content)
  • Helped several successful companies establish themselves online (Website Content, Email Marketing)

With my content, you get:

  1. The conversational copy style people WANT to read online. No “Corporate-Speak” to confuse and drive off potential customers.
  2. Product/Service descriptions in the language specific audiences respond to.
  3. Website content that pulls your audience in by invoking emotion.

My Specialties

  • Case Studies — Tell stories of your past successes. Watch customers gather round.
  • Web Content Development — A steady stream of website content is the hands-down most powerful way to build authority in your industry. And clientele.
  • Email Newsletters/Marketing — Create profitable long-term relationships with your audience.



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Located in Fremont, California. Operating nationwide. Contact Me to discuss your next project.